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healthy, calorie-controlled meal shakes

About the Client

SustyFoods helps people build better habits for everyday food choices like that work lunch when you want something filling and healthy before getting back to work. Or that weekday breakfast when you need something quick and nutritious. These functional meals make up more than 80% of your total food intake, and building habits around them will get your health (and weight) in order.

The Challenge

SustyFoods was undergoing a rebrand and needed all their product and marketing visuals to live up to the new brand position and more accurately reflect the high quality of the product. They knew that potential customers would judge their offer quickly and that the right visuals were key to driving engagement with the brand and purchase.They needed a growing collection of high-quality visuals - animations, stills and videos - but had no easy capacity to capture it all in a way that reflected the new brand image. To get the visuals they wanted, SustyFoods came to us at KittyKat.

“The shots were probably the best pictures and stop motion videos we've ever gotten. This is exactly what we need - [a partner] who can deliver exactly what we need on demand, without us having to give excessive direction.”


The Solution

A2i - Assisted Artificial Intelligence variations
E-commerce and lifestyle product photos
stop motion animations and reels
user-generated content creator videos

KittyKat’s master stylist quickly analyzed the new brand position and the competitive landscape to define a unique mood board that would serve as the blueprint for creating new visuals that would all be on-brand.

Using the KittyKat client platform and group communication channels on WhatsApp, the KittyKat team planned and executed the shoot quickly and easily while keeping the SustyFoods marketing team involved.

We used our A2i (Assisted Artificial Intelligence™ process) to transform single product images into a new series of eye-catching, imaginative visuals that brought the product and new brand to life in surprising ways. These new images multiplied the value and output of the typical studio shots.

The client needed 15 SKUs captured to use in their e-commerce storefront, website, social media and other promotional channels. We delivered a master visual for their website, 14 visuals created via A2i, 23 e-commerce stills, 6 stop motion animations and 11 lifestyle shots. The client can continue to select and download additional shots to keep their store and marketing fresh.

“If you're running an ecommerce business and need a constant pipeline of creatives for advertising and website refreshes, I highly recommend that you work with KittyKat. They do a much better job than anyone else I've worked with in Singapore, and the process is so much quicker and easier.”


Some of the visuals we created

Studio Photos

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A2i (Assisted artificial intelligence) Visuals

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user-generated content creator videos

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