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Skin Inc

Making High-Tech Skincare Beautiful

About the Client

On the hunt for personalized skin care products? Combining the latest technology and decades of research, Skin Inc analyzes your skin to determine a formulation that’s right for you. Find your perfect match and achieve that gorgeous glow with Skin Inc products.

The Challenge

The holidays are the top selling season for many retailers. Skin Inc needed new product visuals relevant for the holidays and that would stand out from the clutter of other brands all vying for shoppers’ attention. 

Time was tight, and the long lead times for traditional product photography wouldn't work. Skin Inc needed standout visuals without losing any holiday selling days. And they needed enough visuals to work across all of their social and selling channels. That kind of variety takes time and creativity.  

Skin Inc came to KittyKat, knowing we could provide the quality visuals - images, animations and video - they needed and could deliver quickly. KittyKat specializes in creating consistently beautiful, relevant and high-quality visuals that can be tailored to an endless variety of promotional moments including the biggest one of all - the end of year holiday season.

“KittyKat is the most organized company that Skin Inc has ever used to produce our visuals. We felt completely supported during the process and the team at KittyKat really listened to us.”

Aida Dolrahim (Brand Innovation Manager at Skin Inc)

The Solution

Assisted Artificial Intelligence (A2i) variations
E-commerce product photos
Stop motion animations
Lifestyle photos

The brand and innovation manager of Skin Inc, Aida Dolrahim, worked alongside our KittyKat Stylist to create the ideal moodboard to guide the production design of all of the visuals. 

Skin Inc's marketing team was able to stay in the loop through the entire process via WhatsApp while the KittyKat client platform promoted great communication with the client, enabling Skin Inc to have freedom and control over how their products were shot.

To place products in a holiday environment, we used our Assisted Artificial Intelligence™ process, where simple studio shots were multiplied into a range of new and imaginative images using artificial intelligence. By using A2i, KittyKat was able to produce a lot of visuals quickly and ready for holiday promotions. 

The client was provided with a collection of visuals that could be converted and reused for any occasion and featured across social and digital platforms.

Some of the visuals we created

Studio Photos

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A2i (Assisted artificial intelligence) Visuals

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user-generated content creator videos

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