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Stop motion

Short animated clips with a unique feel

Make your product Dance

Let us use the charm and uniqueness of stop motion to show your product in action!

What is Stop Motion?

Stop motion is a unique technique where short videos are made by stitching many photos together. Between each photo (or frame), the subjects in the photo are physically moved or shifted around in tiny increments, creating a magical, quirky sense of movement and animation very similar to the effect of a flipbook. The possibilities are endless!

How to use Stop Motion

tell a story

if one picture says a thousand words, a stop motion can communicate even more!

illustrate a process

show your product in action! help customers see what it looks like when in use, or how to use it

jazz up your website and socials

the animated energy of stop motion is a great way to draw attention to areas on your website, or stop social media scrollers in their tracks

Australian Vodka Photo shoot Mustard Yellow Background
Lifestyle photo of a Napkin product with bronze spoon, plate and bowl on a blue table
Food photography open burger topped with lettuce, tomato sauce and fried onions
Product photography Singapore Cosmetic product white background

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