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About the Client

Need the perfect mask to condition your hair? Or that great gift like a paper incense kit for a friend? BeCharmed’s wide range of products has you covered! Founded by sisters Sheny, Celine, and Susan, BeCharmed is a Singaporean multi-brand store. They sell on various platforms including Shopee, Facebook, and their website.

The Challenge

Over the past 2 years, BeCharmed has been promoting through bi-weekly Facebook live streams where they model new clothing items and host product launches. Through social commerce, they have attracted a loyal, sizable customer base amongst women on Facebook. Given the thriving ecommerce space, BeCharmed wanted to expand to website sales and grow their other social media channels. 

BeCharmed needed lots of product and lifestyle visuals to fill their website, and power platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With a mix of regional brands and original designs, there was also an added challenge of shooting different types of products with unique looks and feels. 

BeCharmed works closely with Shopline, a KittyKat partner, for their commerce software needs. Seeing KittyKat’s experience in delivering beautiful, on-brand, and high-performing visuals, Shopline recommended KittyKat to help with their growing visual needs. KittyKat’s end-to-end brand visual services allow the BeCharmed team to focus on their Facebook live streams while reducing the time needed to create other content.

“I was stunned with the process. The process was seamless and well organised.”

Sheny from BeCharmed

The Solution

Lifestyle shots

During the mood board meeting, KittyKat stylists presented a creative vision for each brand’s concept – bright, vivid colours for coffee brand Aik Cheong; soft, youthful tones for colour-changing lip balm Shoyo; feminine, red elements for Tara; and a clean, natural look for BeCharmed’s lifestyle shoot. 

Throughout the ecommerce shoot days, KittyKat updated the BeCharmed team with photos on a dedicated WhatsApp group chat with the team. Any feedback could be given virtually and corrections would be made immediately. 

BeCharmed harnessed our UGC community to produce short-form videos. They were happy that our Content Creators were open to feedback and the videos could be edited based on their requests. The UGC showcased the clothing in a thoughtful way, allowing BeCharmed to tap into the follower base of younger creators and reach a new audience.

BeCharmed started with visuals for 14 SKUs and 34 lifestyle images across their 4 brands, including model lifestyle shots with Celine and Susan. Many more shots were produced and always remain available for purchase to refresh their stores or promotions, reducing the need for new shoots for future promotions or buying unwanted visuals.

“I was happy to see the brand that I am promoting being carried out so well by KittyKat’s photographers.”

Sheny from BeCharmed

Some of the visuals we created

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A2i (Assisted artificial intelligence) Visuals

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user-generated content creator videos

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