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How Generative AI Creates Amazing Visuals

How Generative AI Creates Amazing Visuals

What is Generative AI?

Artificial Intelligence makes image generation possible, from visualizing fantastical scenes to rendering photorealistic settings to making great-looking images faster than can be done by photography alone. Check out the images above! Each was created through our "Assisted Artificial Intelligence" process (A2I) to produce compelling environments that look real and add to the brilliance of the product.

Generative AI software, such as those listed below, use a method called ‘diffusion’. This works by simply identifying the key components- usually the ‘prompts’ asked for by the user (e.g, “a red horse running on a frozen landscape”) and combining those with its bank of learned intelligence. AI connects the dots and generates imagery based on the information provided. 

For example, a designer might request a variety of options for backgrounds on a product that they have previously photographed against a simple blue background. AI can give them dozens of new backgrounds with the photographed subject seamlessly composited in each.

3 Great Examples of Visuals Created by Generative AI

Hyper-Real Water: Our Assisted Artificial Intelligence (A2I) process inserted these cosmetic products into bright, photorealistic settings all rendered in AI, including crystal-clear water.

Integrated Visual Effects: By using our unique approach to prompting Visual AI platforms, we placed this beautifully-shot perfume in a beautifully real-looking bed of flowers including the transparent bottle effects.

Delicious Culinary Creations: Using only a reference image of a poached egg, we used our visual AI process to create mouth-watering images of a full breakfast platter, including avocado toast and tomatoes!

3 Tools to Use


Midjourney is an AI image generation tool thattransforms text based prompts, uses Machine Learning (ML) having been fed mass image datasets to produce unique imagery.

As the BBC put it:

“It will likely appeal to those working within science-fiction literature or artwork that requires a more gothic feel. Where other AI generators lean more towards photos, Midjourney is more of a painting tool.”


DALL-E2, by OpenAI, creates images from text. It interprets text description prompts and generates relevant imagery. When asked, ChatGPT described, “The original DALL-E model, introduced by OpenAI in 2021, was trained on a large dataset of text-image pairs and demonstrated the ability to generate novel and creative images based on textual prompts. Each image created by DALL-E is unique and does not exist in the training dataset.”

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion uses a generative modeling technique known as "Stochastic Diffusion," which was introduced by OpenAI. It converts an image, by adding ‘noise’ until it is significantly altered visually. Then, the technology learns to reconstruct the image to its original form. This process enables the machine to learn how to generate imagery and employ itself in generating new images for other images submitted as prompts. Check out this deeper explanation

Practical Application in Marketing

We use AI software to improve product visuals and create extraordinary variety far faster than conventional photography. At KittyKat, we call this our multiplier effect. We can create beautiful scenes that feature products in new, imaginative ways, sometimes breaking the rules of physics!  The trick to getting exceptional results is all in how humans “assist” artificial intelligence by serially asking the best prompts to trigger engines to create the best results. We call this Assisted Artificial Intelligence or “A2I.” 

Artificial Intelligence gives us a “multiplier effect” that allows us to create many variations based upon a single product visual. In a world that consumes billions of images before lunchtime, this variety is key to sustaining and growing engagement between brands and customers. 

What’s Next?

AI has begun to create compelling and believable motion video. This video for GoFundMe from AI-artist and director Paul Trillo combined the use of DALL-E and Stable Diffusion to create scenes not easily rendered otherwise. Anyone can become a filmmaker if they can develop the right concept and sustain the  patience for submitting the right prompts to generative AI engines. 

Despite the fears these developments arise in the design industries, the world of visual and generative AI is helping creativity come to life. AI generated imagery is not replacing humans, it is simply making more possible.

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