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Visual Commerce: Grow your business in the digital age

Visual Commerce: Grow your business in the digital age

The proliferation of technology and the rise of visual commerce signifies changing expectations for businesses whose success has become increasingly dependent on digital tools and visual assets. The global shift online has meant that brands must transform themselves, pivoting from traditional, brick-and-mortar shops to stimulating, online consumer experiences. As we are yet to see the widespread adoption of technology that translates the sense of touch, taste, and smell, today’s shoppers are, more than ever, visual creatures. Thus, powerful visual content has become essential.

If you’re not convinced of the importance of visual content, let the numbers speak for themselves. The average human brain retains visual information at a rate 4x that of read information and 8x that of things heard. Shoppers are 1.8x more likely to make a purchase if they view a product video. Moreover, Inc.com reported that visual content was considered a central part of the future marketing strategy for 9 out of 10 marketers, and brands that use visual content see a conversion rate 7x higher than brands that do not. It is clear that visual content has a huge impact on consumer behavior and business growth. The role of visual assets has evolved from a mere enhancing accessory to the center of online retail, particularly through its impact on conversion rates, shopper behavior, and consumer engagement and retention.

Moreover, social media is a key technological development that presents a unique opportunity for business growth; such digital platforms center around visual content. Not only do 84% of social media users represent the highest spending age demographic (18-29), but there are over 4.6 billion users across the world spending an average of 2 ½ hours a day scrolling through various platforms. Growth-seeking businesses can tap into the billions of active and engaged spenders with punchy, thumb-stopping visual content. Businesses that take full advantage of the power of visual design to visually storytell, convey brand personality, and create strong emotional bonds between consumer and brand, have seen great success. However, the sheer volume of content that exists means that it is not enough to simply be on social media. Businesses must not only build a strong online presence and community of loyal customers who advocate for their brand but, in order to stand out, consistent, quality content is unnegotiable.

The world has already transitioned towards visual commerce. So how can your business adapt to the digital age? Here are some tips:

Do your research. Know your audience.

Market research is critical to understanding your target audience. What are their needs, and more importantly, how can your business meet them?

Pick your platform.

Once you have a clear idea of who your business serves, knowing where and when your target consumers are most active should shape your brand’s social media presence. Facebook, for example, caters to an older audience, while over half of Instagram users are under 34. On LinkedIn you’ll find your white-collar professionals, but if you’re looking to snag the elusive attention of Gen Zers, TikTok is your best bet.

Show your personality. Tell your story.

Today’s consumers care about a company’s values and its impact. Finding your brand’s voice and messaging, one that resonates with your target audience, makes all the difference. Make your brand recognizable, showcase the people behind the production, and tell your story.

Quality is king.

64% of consumers value high-quality visual content over product descriptions or customer ratings. Creating attractive images, animations, and videos that not only grab shoppers’ attention but also boost engagement (a critical signal to platform algorithms that your page is relevant) without a big budget or team is not easy. However, good visual content’s impact on business growth and site traffic makes it a worthwhile investment.

Consistency, consistency, consistency

Without consistent and new content, quality content goes to waste. To keep your brand relevant, it is essential to post frequently on a schedule your followers can get used to. Entertain and educate your audience, participate in trends, and add an element of humor.

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