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How To Use Google’s New Visual Search to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy in 2023

How To Use Google’s New Visual Search to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy in 2023

Google has introduced new visual “Search What You See” functions tailored to help marketers. Instead of just text, shoppers can now search for products with images and photos.

Visual Search

As consumers, there are many ways to conduct a Google search for products or services. Normally, we type in a label, name or description of what we are looking for in the “Search Google” box.

Google now offers visuals as an even more intuitive search method. With visual search, shopping online has become much faster and easier. Now, when the word ‘shop’ is typed in front of whatever product or service you’re looking for, Google presents you with an image display gallery of the same or similar products – essentially a digital window shop where you can swipe, browse and yes, Add to Cart.

Google Search Displays and Links to Your Product Page Directly

There are so many new search capabilities that all marketers need to employ and fast to stay on top of the trend and jump on this new bandwagon.

Marketers can now invest in visual search using beautiful visual assets that will stand out with this function. With compelling photographs, advertisements can be brought to life in a much more engaging way.

Edit Images

Google has also introduced a frame size change for images, which is a powerful tool to make it easier for brands to be seen and see conversions. There is now a recent fix to a previously set dimension on mobiles – the Portrait images. Now you can re-orient them to Landscape. This orientation change allows much more flexibility and better suits certain images such as impactful web banners.

Google Lens: See it and Shop it

A mind-boggling new AI-powered tech tool uses your very own mobile phone’s camera to detect and scan an object in front of its lens, then leads you directly to product landing pages for this product and also displays those with similar products.

This feature actually made its first integration into marketing in 2017, but it’s only now that we are seeing an increase of users.

It is continuously being innovated further to come up with more and better suggestions. So, if your brand has quality photographs in its product pages. If a user is after a certain product and yours comes up on Google Lens search, yours will stand out. The feature is a fantastic way to showcase your brand and get noticed. Just make sure your photos are top-notch to also make conversions from this.

AI Business messages and Broad match

AI and machine learning identifies relevant information and performs on demand 24/7 giving the marketing team a break. This saves you time and money.

Quick response is crucial too. A timely customer response and super Customer Support can all be provided by your very own ‘digital agent’- a google machine. This service is called “business message” on Google. Customer trust is built as they can ask for help and receive instant replies wherever they are in the world, in whatever timeframe. The experience for the marketer and buyer is simplified and optimized.

Broad match is a search automation function on Google which extends a typed phrase in search by identifying related phrases. By matching up key words, shoppers can be led to the product or service they are after with ease.

Get Google Lens, Shop, Business Messages and Broad Match NOW

  1. Start with great visual assets and quality photographs (and no, these don’t have to cost a fortune but they will save you one later!) to use as a base in tandem with Google’s search optimisation tools – when consumers search ‘shop’ for your products stand out.
  1. To use these Google functions, set up your Google Ads account. Show up for the people who search you.
  1. Uncover new opportunities to get the results that matter to you. Use Broadmatch, AI messages and Google Lens to grow your business!

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