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5 Tips on Choosing the Right Creator for UGC

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Creator for UGC

User-generated content (UGC) delivers authenticity for your brand and deeper engagement with your audiences.  It can boost brand awareness and improve preference and likelihood to purchase your product or service. The value of user-generated content runs deep

Once you have decided to include UGC in your brand’s digital marketing, what should you look for in the right creator for your product or service?  

1. Choose the right personality

Your brand has a personality and a target audience. 

Your creator should be compatible with your brand and be relatable to your customer target. If you’re selling athleisure, a sporty personality is a no-brainer, if selling health drinks, select someone who is passionate about health and wellbeing. The more you know about your target customer, the easier it will be to choose the best creator.

Doing research on the social media platforms you intend to use helps. You can find personalities you click with and would do a good job of promoting  your  business. There are so many different personalities out there. You can choose one or select a mix of a few different creators to work with over time.  

2. Look for creativity and imagination

To capture attention, creativity and a unique angle makes a difference. 

You can review the social channels of creators you are considering, paying attention to posts that catch your eye and ones that have a high number of shares, likes or other types of engagements. Your own taste matters and so does the data. Some creators are naturals. They instantly relate to their audience and find ways to share about products and services that truly tap the value of those brands. 

Some creators are great storytellers and go beyond simple statements like “it smells so good!” to descriptions that paint a picture like  “the smell reminds me of…” 

If their content appears organic, creative and self-made without being read off a script from a company, this is a good sign the creator will develop an understanding of your product without too much input.

Too busy for all of this scouting? 

Try KittyKat Creators - our service to source the best user-generated content for your brand. Our network of creators are expert at creating just the right video to keep people watching and drive them to engage with your brand.

3. Find examples of great creator-made content

Before you engage content creators, it's best to have an idea of what great content looks like. At KittyKat, we have a network of a few hundred creators and are always looking at the best work out there. You form your own ideas by browsing through Instagram, TikTok and other platforms to discover examples of brand content along the lines of what you might like to see for your brand. By collecting a ‘style board’ of sorts, you can better describe what you are after. 

4.Give them direction 

In general, experienced content creators are quick to learn. Given the right project brief and an experience with your product or service, most can create inspiring content quickly. So, the magic is in the right creator and it’s also in the direction you give them via the brief. 

At KittyKat, we have refined our brief to make it easy for content creators to understand what clients need and want. Here are a few important items to include:

  • Give them the background on the brand, the product or service. 
  • The key value proposition for your product/service and any differentiators
  • What you know about your customer’s pain points that your product or service satisfies
  • Any description of your customer and insights you may have about them

There are different ways to approach user-generated content. You may want to focus on the solution. A  ‘before/after’ video might work best. Or a tutorial. Or a simple review. Whatever it is, feel free to offer your ideas and input while encouraging your creator to be a true partner and recommend what they believe will work best.

5. Show them the love

Once you have posted creator content on your site or your social channel, you can tag the creator on their social channels (e.g., tag them, repost with credit, thank them online). Not only do you shine a light on your content partner, they are more likely to share your post or content in their own social channels. That extends the reach of your product or service to their audiences. 

By being generous, you build relationships with creators and go beyond a simple transaction. This helps attract content creators to your brand and makes it easier to create more UGC. Here are ten ways to attract UGC for your brand.

You will draw more creators who want to work with you while building a solid foundation of authentic, engaging and persuasive content.

BONUS TIP: Let KittyKat manage the whole process

We created KittyKat Creators to make it easier for brands to solicit great content and find the best creators for them. 

Sure, you can hunt online, via agencies with big fees, or DM a bunch of individuals on social media with your pitches and promos but it’s hard, time-consuming and doesn’t always work. 

We take on the whole process of finding, collaborating, and delivering great user-generated content from the most talented content creators. That’s why we have built a growing community of creators, refined our process and taken the risk out of the selection. You pay for the content you want to use.   

Let us help you save time, money and guesswork and deliver with a much smoother process.

Contact us now for a demo or to chat through a project. You can fill out our brief online.

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